Tote Bag with our cute Oz Animal Collection

Another Tote Bag with our cute Oz Animal Collection, this one features the super cute Wombat ❤️ Do you know that wombat can be very quick if they need to be? With their stubby legs and stocky bodies, wombats aren’t the most agile-looking creatures on earth. They walk with an awkward little waddle, but when a threatened wombat breaks out into a sprint, they can sustain speeds of 25 miles per hour for 90 seconds at a time. To put that into perspective, Olympic runner Usain Bolt’s top speed was recorded at a little less than 28 miles per hour (taken from : #australiabrand #aussieanimals#aussiemammals #cuteproducts #totebag#cutetotebag #wombat#watercolourillustration #watercolor#lifestyle #lifestylebrand #pomeliving

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