My process from sketch to watercolour

My process from sketch to watercolour

Hi everyone, in this blog post I will share my process to create the watercolour illustrations. First of all, I usually do some research on the theme that I want to do. For the Australian Animal Collection, I did some search on Pinterest for the animals that I want to draw. I love Pinterest! I saved the pictures of the animals usually into my Pinterest board so I can access them on my iPhone too. 

From these pictures, I then did some sketches with pencil on my sketchbook.

These are some sketches of the kangaroo, wombat, koala, platypus and echidna that I did. I currently use an A4 sketchbook from Typo. I really like them because they are not white, has a lovely texture and to be honest pretty cheap. Unfortunately they don't have them anymore :( 

As for pencil, I love using mechanical pencil and for sketches I usually use 2B. Below are some of my tools 

Right to Left : 
Tsumikko Gurashi mechanical pencil (I love using cute pencil)
2H and 2B pencil lead
Erasers (I cut them small like a triangle so I have pointy end - a trick I learn when I took a workshop with Carolyn Murdoch : 
A Faber Castle sharpening tool
A Black Wing Pearl pencil
A Unipen with 0.4 size
Watercolour brushes from Japan (Arteje in size 0, 2 and 0,5)

 Then from the sketches I like, I trace them with the Unipen so after that I can trace them again onto watercolour paper. I usually use a light board for drawing that I bought in Amazon to help me transfer the sketches and I use a 2H pencil on the watercolour paper itself. 

I also would like to share my watercolour tools below 

Cold Pressed Fabriano Watercolour Paper 300gsm
3 brushes from Arteje (I bought them in Japan) 
Agallo Watercolour : (I love them so much!)
and its color card 

After I finish tracing them onto the watercolor paper, I then start the coloring process. Working layer by layer. Below is the finished illustration of the Australian Animal :

These illustrations were then scanned and edited on Photoshop and I designed them to be printed onto products such as stickers and notebooks.

I hope you find this sharing useful :) I know it's not exactly super step by step and I did not show the painting process. I plan to make a more detailed post of the watercolour layering process later. If you are interested, please leave some comment below :) 

These cute sticker and notebooks are now available on our website : 

Have a great day!

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