About Us


Pome Living was established at North Fremantle, Western Australia in 2017 to bring unique and creative everyday living goods to be enjoyed by everyone. We offer a wide range of home & living products such as cushion pillows, pouches, bags, scarves, accessories, and stationeries with unique designs and illustrations. 

Our brand incorporates homey, friendly, joyful, and contemporary feel. Homey means soft and neutrals, Joyful means delightful, happiness and pleasant, Friendly means inclusive, open welcoming and for everyone and everyday and lastly Contemporary means modern, design-focused, and live in the moment.

Our collections started with hand-drawn sketches which were later completed into paintings with watercolour and gouache. The paintings are scanned and enhanced digitally then applied onto lifestyle products. Our products are handmade with the highest quality materials and green printing technology.